How dishonest behavior reduces individuals’ ability to read others’ emotions

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In this research, researchers examine the unintended consequences of dishonest behavior for one’s interpersonal abilities and subsequent ethical behavior. Specifically, they explore how dishonest conduct can reduce one’s generalized empathic accuracy— which is the ability to accurately read other people’s emotional states. In the process, they distinguish these 2 constructs (dishonest conduct and empathic accuracy) from one another and demonstrate …

Does gamification work in all situations? Study says no.

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Cognitively heavy tasks in survey and research programmes generally experience high levels of participant attrition. One potential solution is to gamify these tasks to make them more engaging: increasing participant willingness to take part and reducing attrition. However, such an approach must balance task validity with introducing entertaining gamelike elements. Researchers investigated the effects of gamelike features on participant attrition …

The quick, brown fox

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