Refund Policy

Introduction: This refund policy must be read with the user agreement. This policy aims at summerizing only the points related to refund and will override any refund related clauses mentioned in user agreement. As a user, your usage of this website and its services includes your acceptance of this policy.

Refund for Online Tests and Reports:

There will not be any refund or downloaded reports as they are ‘irreversible commodities’.

Refund for Online Subscription to Training Programs:

we will refund 100% of the amount (minus administration charges as levied by the payment gateway) if you are not satisfied with the quality of our online training and certification programs. The request for such refund must be presented within 7 days of joining the course.

Refund of Online Counseling Sessions:

Anytime during the session, a user can ask for refund if he/she is not satisfied with the services. The complete amount for all the remianing sessions (including the session in which the refund was asked) will be refunded to the user without asking any questions.