Applying knowledge & practices from Psychology, to make organisations more humane and socially & ethically responsible…

IIBP is an accrediting body for psychometric testing, coaching & training methodologies, with a vision to become the most loved destination for seekers of specialized knowledge & services in the area of Business Psychology.


IIBP offers certification in Psychometric Testing Level 1 & 2 as well as Assessment & Development Centres!


Accreditations on offer include Psychometric Test Review & access to a list of Accredited Service Providers!


IIBP offers 5 different memberships to choose from.  You can click here to view membership benefits.

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Membership Update

Paid memberships will be charged the specified amount starting 1st March 2021. Benefits for members include regular news & event updates.

Mission & Vision


The main objective of IIBP is to expand the use of psychology in business for the benefit of employees and employers alike.


There exists a long felt need of businesses to raise the standards of “certified” trainers, coaches and agencies who are providing psychological services to organizations.


The IIBP serves as an institution for verification of accreditation and certification credentials. All members who are certified/accredited by IIBP or any agency accredited by IIBP, are listed in IIBP directory and their credentials are available for review/validation.