Committee for Accreditation of Occupational Health Services

The Committee for Accreditation of Occupational Health Services or CAOHS aims to prescribe best practices when considering occupational health service providers. Members of this committee shall create guidelines for best practices for such service providers.

VP & Head of Committee

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Prof. (Dr.) Nabhit Kapur

Prof Nabhit Kapur, Psy.D , is a PsychoPreneur, mental health advocate, author, TEDx speaker and globally decorated ambassador of mental health and peace with over 200 recognitions from 30 countries around the world.

Acclaimed as World most influential Psychologists by the FAAVM-Canada, Prof Nabhit is the Founder President of PeacfulMind Foundation ; An organisation established with a vision to make “Mental health a household name” is now a global entity with a world record of serving more than 36 countries across the globe.

His passion to bring perception about mental health and peace across continents has lead him to establish various successful entities like PeacfulMind health innovations in Zimbabwe, PeacfulMind center of happiness, tolerance and leadership in UAE, PeacfulMind center of leadership excellence in Ghana etc with PeacfulMind Foundation as a success platform in Nigeria, Senegal, South Sudan, UK, Canada, Uganda etc. Through his appointed ambassadors and directors passing a strict protocol, Prof Kapur works at the ground level to create the perception for mental health and peace as a necessary aspect of daily life.

With a view of his interests and his notable contribution to African continent, Prof Nabhit kapur was appointed as the Roving Ambassador to the State of African Diaspora (AU-6th region) being the first non African to be appointed at this level. Along with this he holds various other positions serving as advisor and chair to various governments and non governmental agencies.

Members of CAOHS

Mr. Abhimanyu S. Rathore


Ms. Jyoti Gupta


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