Psychometric Test Review Criteria

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There are several hundreds of psychometric tests and tools in the market claiming to measure various human abilities, personality traits, disposition, values, preferences, knowledge and competence. Unfortunately, many of these tests have not undergone any peer-review or expert review process and claims made therein have not been verified by an independent body of qualified professionals.

These psychometric tests and assessments need to be evaluated through peer review or expert review process for their suitability as a measuring instrument before application in a business or industrial context. IIBP provides the platform for both – the test developer and test users to be sure about the quality of the test.

Benefits to the test users:

Test users get an unbiased and expert opinion about the quality of test they intend to use in their work. Not only that, they save valuable time and money which they would have otherwise spent evaluating the goodness of a test for their purpose. IIBP Test Reviews provide rich information about levels of reliability, validity and fairness of a reviewed test as well as an illustration of situations where the test is supposed to be used.

Benefits to the test developers:

Test developers get a ‘seal of quality’ for their qualified tests which bears the testimony of quality of the test. This helps them positioning themselves a class apart from other test developers who did not subject their tests to peer or expert review process.


Criteria for Psychometric Test Review

If you have psychometric tests that is intended to be used in organizational settings. These are the common criteria we use to evaluate the test and award appropriate certificate.

Organizations or enterprises that  develop a psychometric test which meets the following criteria can apply for test review.
  • It has a sound conceptual base derived either from theory or practical requirements of the work settings.
  • It has well defined specific outcomes which are unambiguously presented.
  • The test development and validation process is well documented.
  • It has a user manual focusing in large part on how to use the results.
  • It has demonstrated reasonably good level of reliability, validity and accuracy.

If your test meets the criteria above, please download the self-assessment form to move to Step 1 of the test review process.


Once you have done the self assessment and you are reasonably confident about your test meeting all the criteria. Please contact us to submit your test for peer and expert review. The professional fee for the test review for different kind of tests is given below:

IIBP Test Review & Certification Steps

Download test review & the application form. Conduct a self-assessment of your test before submitting it for review.

Certification of registration is awarded within a week of submission, if the test meets all essential criteria & complete information is provided.

Certification of registration is awarded within a week of submission, if the test meets all essential criteria & complete information is provided.