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How to Harness The Power of Positive Thinking to Achieve Your Goals

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Positive thinking has been shown to have numerous benefits in both personal and professional settings. It can help improve decision making, increase motivation and productivity, and even boost physical health. In the business world, positive thinking can be especially powerful, as it can help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

The Gig economy & Group dynamics

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The Gig Economy has been placed on number #4 on the Society of Industrial &  Organizational Psychology’s (SIOP) Top 10 Workplace Trends. Internet, the sophistication of digital tools, shift in the nature of career aspirations, values, etc. of the Millennials & Gen Z, people not being bound by geographic locations are some factors leading to this boom of the gig …

Wellbeing in Workplaces for 2022

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This article addresses the need for well-being initiatives in the workplace as a silver bullet for thriving organizations. It covers highlights from 2021 that lay the ground for setting processes in organizations supporting positive mental health as an outcome. Lastly, I offer suggestions on creating a baseline to address these issues. 2022 is still a year of recovery from the …

Importance of Self Awareness in the Workplace

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Self -Awareness is our recognition of ‘SELF’, our Character, our Strengths and Weaknesses, our Desires, and our Likes and Dislikes. Socrates once said: ‘To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.’ “The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.” Self-awareness is having a clear perception of who you are, …

Collective sensemaking in the period of uncertainty and global crisis the Covid-19

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Uncertainty is at the forefront of many crises, disasters, and emergencies, and the COVID-19 pandemic with the arrival of third-wave is no exception. We, as psychologists are concerned with the coming of organizational pressures on the team workers and changing patterns of behavior of staff members owing to new challenges both in the structure and administrative field. We can begin …

Team Effectiveness Across Virtual Environments

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Almost two years ago we were plunged into the biggest crisis most of us had ever seen. Organizations that had dismissed remote working as a possibility, IT systems that weren’t ready for virtual working suddenly were forced into it. All industries, all functions, and all teams were forced into virtual working.   While some organizations naturally embraced it, the majority have ...

Lego: Inspiration For Change Management

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Heraclitus said that “The only constant is change.” This oxymoron clearly defines what the human race has known throughout its existence. Kingdoms, races, species have come and gone, Earth has come to the brink of destruction and been revived. Nothing has remained as it was created since the dawn of time. Taking the analogy of the world and comparing it ...

Are We Ready For A 4 Day Work Week?

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By Sunith Kunder As the new year beckons, most professionals were excited by one particular labor code. The 4-day  week culture was seeming to finally arrive on our shores, with everyone looking forward to the very much needed and extended weekend.  But this excitement would be short-lived. The ministry has clarified that even if the new labor law comes into ...

Building Culture of Agility and Adaptability in Organizations

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By Sirisha Susarla Introduction Agility and adaptability also known as dexterity and versatility are two significant elements for an organization to be steady and flourish in any difficult climate. Being coordinated in powerful conditions, and having the option to adjust to changes is significant for organizations to keep up with maintainability. These elements and their adequacy are firmly connected with ...