Exploring attachment theory in coaching

Devika Kapur October 2020, Uncategorized, Webinars Leave a Comment

Many times when counseling or coaching individuals, the right practice to help them the most could be to explore the attachment theory. But this is one that has very blurred boundaries and it is quite easy for it to go south, both by the responses of the counselor or the participant.  While following the code of ethics is extremely important …


Vijai Pandey Uncategorized

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Participation in Workplace Democracy and its Implications on Authoritarianism

Manav Agarwal Uncategorized

Psychologists have always viewed authoritarianism as a rather rigid personality trait that is not susceptible to short term change. Authoritarianism refers to the “tendency to be deferent to authority and to be intolerant of deviance from existing social hierarchies” (Wu & Paluck, 2020, p. 2). The studies conducted by Wu & Paluck (2020) provide contrasting evidence to the idea of ...