Engaging in Stereotype – not right!

Dr. Farah Naqvi General Psychology, Mental Health

Wow! What a critical point he has brought in the discussion. Oh! He is a Banerjee, a Bengali. They eat fish every day, and this is the result, sharp memory. Mr Banerjee could not help but silently chuckle to himself. This was not the first time he had heard a remark like this. He was, in fact, in deep reflection ...

The Secret Lives of Indian Men & Women, Unveiled Through Two Consecutive Crises

Mariya Jilinskaya General Psychology, Mental Health

Tweet It has been several years now that I live and work in India, and that India became a sort of fieldwork space for my psychological research. I wasn’t specifically drawn to India, I am neither an Anthropologist, nor an Ethnographist much less an Indologist, but being a Psychologist – India was to me just like any other country, like ...

‘The Ability in Vulnerability’

Dr. Farah Naqvi General Psychology, Mental Health

Tweet The other day when I took my daughter to bed to put her to sleep, it was raining, and the sky was making thundering sounds. My three-year-old clinging firmly to me said- “Mumma hug me”. These two words, “hug me” come so spontaneously to her whenever she feels threatened or cautious that it left me thinking. As adults, many ...
Psychological Types and Isolation

Psychological Types and Isolation

Vijai Pandey General Psychology 1 Comment

Tweet How different people are likely to deal with the social and physical isolation? While coronavirus doesn’t care about our psychological types and it affects all types in equal/secular ways, different people are going to have different impact of isolation on their thinking, feeling and action. There are some, who can withstand isolation for longer than the rest. There are ...

Social Distance, Physical Distance and Imposed Quarantine

Mariya Jilinskaya Emotional Intelligence, General Psychology 3 Comments

Tweet We are facing unprecedented times. By saying so, we already are saying two things of today’s situation: one, that it is scary (lets accept this fact that the situation is scary) and two, that we do not have a pre-existing template or process to rely on as the existing templates are not very helpful. Although there has been some ...
political correctness

The cost of political correctness

Akshay Sharan General Psychology

Political correctness refers to the notion of saying the 'right' things owing to the growing intolerance towards political diversity and debate. We live in an era of partisan, polarized debates across university campuses, both in India and abroad. These debates are usually now met with protests and demands for speakers to leave various campuses. This is a sign of dwindling ...
bystander effect

Understanding motives for intervening in emergency situations

Akshay Sharan General Psychology Leave a Comment

The bystander effect refers to the inaction by those witnessing an emergency situation. This concept gained significance due to the Kitty Genovese murder case in New York City in 1964, where reports suggest multiple individuals were witness to the event from the comfort of their own homes, yet did nothing to assist or seek help. Today, it appears that there ...

Do early risers perform better in school because school starts early?

Akshay Sharan General Psychology Leave a Comment

Grades of students who are early sleepers & early risers have been found to be higher than students who sleep late at night for early morning classes! This research highlights the term, 'chronotype,' to define stable, behavioural differences between individuals. Using a unique sample of 753 students in a school in Buenos Aires that holds classes at three different times ...