iibp-admin Anveshan, Issue 6, Volume 1

If you have been hit by the reality that working from home is not as fascinating as you thought of it, then you are not alone. Almost everyone is facing the same wave of emotions, mental and physical sluggishness is common. Thus, normalizing this phenomenon is the only way through. So, let’s just fetch out the positive perspective of work from home and plan “what can we do about it? “.

Productivity: Motivating oneself won’t work for long as work from home is extending to unpredictable days but remember when motivation dies, discipline works. We as humans have attached home with holiday mood or laziness. But now we have to train our mind to perceive work from home as an office at home, and for that, the best way is to get up in the morning and get dressed up for the office. This practice will help you to behave in a formal ethical way even at home and will boost your productivity. As your brain will think that you are leaving for work. Moreover, ensure your workplace is clean and uninterrupted.

Burnout: Trust me working from home is not easy but that’s where your patience will work. At this time where you might already be facing certain coexisting issues with family, you may come across certain mood swings, your unresolved issues might come and you might project it on any third person. Chances are your work frustration might cause you some behavioural issues and this may lead to some relationship problems. Organizational ethics says that one should keep personal and professional life separate but amid this time we just can’t do that, so at that moment, remind yourself all these issues arising are just illusions to make the time difficult. But you have to be tougher! You won’t let this burnout affect your work, your relationship, etc.

You need to calm yourself, take three deep breaths, and do certain Mandala art or doodling, clean the working area that helps you to sort frustration in your brain, take a break ,find the purpose of your work, self motivate yourself, talk to a friend who can make you feel better whenever you feel overwhelmed.

Communication: For an organization to work well, it is important to have a sound communication system but, at this time where we can’t meet each other in person, tendencies to assume may increase. Misunderstandings may occur due to conversation gaps. In textual communication, we may tend to misconceive the tone of a person according to our state of mind. To stay away from such issues, do not assume, ask. Clear your misunderstanding.

Help each other in a family to balance emotions through mindfulness, yoga, breathing practices, etc. Keeping a positive environment is essential as we can project our family issues on our work. So stay disciplined, keep the perseverance high,







About the Author.

Ms. Resham Bhatia, is a professional psychologist and founder of the initiative train your mind. she is also the author of a research paper,” a study on spiritual intelligence and depressive tendency”. associated with different organizations as, counselor psychologist and a curious life experimenter to reach the nirvana state.