Team IIBP Anveshan, Issue 5, Volume 1

This Pandemic situation, last few months have been really tough for everyone and so it is for parents as well as for kids too. It’s a time for parents to learn how to deal with their kids 24/7 and for kids how to make the most use of their time and energy. In the earlier phase of covid-19 ( lockdown1) everyone spent a great time from beginning day on tea table to relaxing dinnertime together. After a certain time, people learned precautionary measures against this worldwide disease and slowly started a normal routine like elderly people working from home, going office on alternate days. But this situation is still the same for kids as outdoor activities, school, parks are closed because of the risk factor of developing the disease. As the social life of children is restricted within a home environment, it resulted into a lot of issues like parent-child conflicts, maladaptive behaviour in children, excessive use of mobile phone, loss of academic values among children, anxiety ranging from mild to severe level in parents as well as children. In this time where a parent and child relationship is disturbed, a psychological family counselling, behaviour therapy and individual counselling sessions will be very helpful. As it is said… π˜½π™–π™–π™© π™ π™–π™§π™£π™š π™¨π™š π™π™ž 𝙩𝙀𝙝 𝙗𝙖𝙖𝙩 π™—π™–π™£π™©π™ž π™π™–π™ž.

The counselling sessions will revolve around listening to the difficulties faced by parents and helping them finding ways to the solutions. Guiding parents and children about the health safety of each family member during Pandemic ( Covid-19). Counselling On the triggered emotions because Of worldwide disease is must . During counselling sessions a light should be thrown on the teacher and child relationship as it plays an important role and is affecting virtual educational classes. Together a family needs to get counselled on how to cooperate and assist each other as it will keep the home environment warm and will help each family member to know the importance of each other.






About the Author.

Mr. Deepak Gohel, is a child psychologist with 18 years of working experience with children. His areas of specialization are anxiety, depression, behaviour and conduct problems, ADHD in children. Mental illnesses are as serious as physical.