The Psychology of Sports and Neeraj Chopra

Team IIBP Anveshan, Emotional Intelligence, General Psychology, Issue 10, Mental Health

Neeraj Chopra, an Indian javelin thrower created history on 7th august 2021. He threw the javelin to a distance of 87.58m and made India proud by picking up the gold medal in Tokyo Olympics. Indeed, a moment to pause our life and to feel the pride feeling of being an Indian. This is an amazing result of Neeraj’s practice but above all, Neeraj’s mental stability. The role of mental health is as important as physical health in the field of sports. Talking in context of mental health, Neeraj said in his interview” In finale, my mind was filled with that I have to give my best performance. I made a perfect balance with my body movement and with my throw. Javelin throw is a very technical game. We have to use our mind under the stress-free zone. I wasn’t in pressure to break the record when I was giving my performance. After witnessing all javelin thrower’s performance, I came to know that I am the gold mentalist from India.”

Mental health has always played an important role in the field of sports. Four essential components for athlete’s mental health, a strong self-belief, an internal motivation, focus without distraction and the most important element, stress-free mind under pressures. Every athlete is a gold modelist. Afterall they all have practice day and night but what makes them winner and loser is their own stress.

Winning the gold medal in Tokyo is a historical win. Nearly 100 years Indian didn’t win gold in Olympics, Neeraj didn’t let these factors to affect his journey of javelin throw. This attitude shows the mental stability of the Neeraj Chopra and moreover inspired many kids and youngsters to believe in themselves. Javelin throw is not a common game in India as cricket, badminton, football, chess, carrom, polo, shooting, tennis, gymnastics and boxing. Neeraj didn’t made this factor as a barriers. It’s a fact, everyone wants to be a winner. Neeraj set an example of victory so eventually people will start mirroring him and now many youngsters had made up their mind to pick javelin unconsciously. In addition, Neeraj put forward that we should start believing in ourself. He just blows a new wave of javelin in India.

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