From Mistakes to Mastery – Embracing A Growth Mindset In Learning

Team IIBP Anveshan, Business Psychology, Coaching, Employee Engagement, General Psychology, Issue 36, Organizational Culture, Organizational Development, Talent Management, Volume 4

“Excited for a get-together the host enthusiastically prepared a welcome drink for the guests on her own and even after being meticulous she added extra sugar which resulted in undesirable effects. Although a connoisseur still made a mistake”

I guess we all have been there when subconsciously we do make mistakes and sometimes the situations are not in our control. Mistakes are like pimples . However we try and how much effort we put in they do show up on faces , similarly how much you try you have to encounter mistakes at many points in life. When you make a mistake it makes you feel remorse. You feel unworthy, disappointed and so on for the part where you went wrong. Now as a matter of fact no one deliberately wants to goof but it still happens. In other words we can say that mistakes are a part of life or the stepping stones to excellence be in academics, sports or daily life.

Everyone wants to achieve perfection or mastery in every field but does not want to face failures which is practically not possible . Mistakes improve the cognitive functioning of the brain where it challenges it to understand what went wrong and how can one improve it. It initiates thinking, problem solving etc. When we commit a mistake then in order to correct it we try to do the task time and again which improves the skill set of the person in that particular task as we say “practice makes a man perfect”. It not only helps the individual to master the task but also helps to develop the sense of accepting faults which in turn builds resilience . Mastery in any area is achieved when you continuously work on it which leads to mistakes as whenever we start off with some new task, it takes some time for us to learn that and during our learner phase we do go wrong sometimes which acts a lesson or eye opener. To get command in any dimension we need to focus on it which then leads to improved attention and concentration and also when you make mistakes it builds patience in you so that you do not lose hope.

This in turn explains to us that mistakes are not to be avoided as they act as building blocks of your life and also keep the learner in you active throughout. Rather the mistakes are to be embraced and pondered upon for the improvement and achievement of mastery. The journey from mistakes to mastery is a transformative experience which makes you better each day.

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