Announcing Dr. Nabhit Kapur as Vice-President & Head of Committee

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Tweet IIBP appoints Prof. (Dr.) Nabhit Kapur as "VIce-President & Head, Committee for Accreditation of Occupational Health Services." On 6th April 2020, Prof. (Dr.) Nabhit Kapur was formally appointed as "Vice-President & Head, Committee for Accreditation of Occupational Health Services." This marks a landmark day in IIBP's history, as we strive to build a community of business psychologists & those ...

The benefits of small acts of kindness

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A new study at the University of California attempted to study altruistic tendencies & their impact in a working environment. A group of employees were asked to be kind to a small group (experimental group)  of people while expressing nothing of the sort to a different group (control group). Results suggest that pro-social behaviours by the experimental group increased by …

The importance of work-hobby balance

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A recent study by researchers from Sheffield University & ESSEC Business School, attempted to understand the notion of qwork-hobby balance by ficusing on the theory of Conservation of Resources (CoR). The study investigates whether time spent on leisure activities affects career sustainability and whether it depeletes or generates resources. Two major factors affect the impact of leisure activities; 1) the ...
political correctness

The cost of political correctness

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Political correctness refers to the notion of saying the 'right' things owing to the growing intolerance towards political diversity and debate. We live in an era of partisan, polarized debates across university campuses, both in India and abroad. These debates are usually now met with protests and demands for speakers to leave various campuses. This is a sign of dwindling ...
bystander effect

Understanding motives for intervening in emergency situations

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The bystander effect refers to the inaction by those witnessing an emergency situation. This concept gained significance due to the Kitty Genovese murder case in New York City in 1964, where reports suggest multiple individuals were witness to the event from the comfort of their own homes, yet did nothing to assist or seek help. Today, it appears that there ...

Do early risers perform better in school because school starts early?

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Grades of students who are early sleepers & early risers have been found to be higher than students who sleep late at night for early morning classes! This research highlights the term, 'chronotype,' to define stable, behavioural differences between individuals. Using a unique sample of 753 students in a school in Buenos Aires that holds classes at three different times ...