political correctness

The cost of political correctness

Akshay Sharan General Psychology

Political correctness refers to the notion of saying the ‘right’ things owing to the growing intolerance towards political diversity and debate. We live in an era of partisan, polarized debates across university campuses, both in India and abroad. These debates are usually now met with protests and demands for speakers to leave various campuses. This is a sign of dwindling diversity of thought, speech & action. Unfortunately, while universities focus on diversity based on sexual preferences, race & socio-economic status, not enough attention is given to political diversity. This hesitation stems from an aura of intolerance that exists across the political spectrum. Allowing debates & discussions to be biased in terms of content leads to a lack of intelligent discourse across university campuses, with groups of students chanting slurs, imposing their moral framework on the university’s functioning as well as fellow peers. In an attempt to reaffirm beliefs, sense of community & identities, students appear to be growing increasingly (especially in the US) intolerant towards the disruption of political correctness. A key aspect of personal growth is the openness to new experiences & discussions. Instead of pursuing a rhetorical line of questioning, we must strive to take part in intelligent arguments. What is your view on political correctness in India?