The importance of introspecting and self-assessment to succeed

Devika Kapur August 2020, Webinars Leave a Comment

Each individual is born with potential and develops it further as they grow up. Some people may take longer, while others may tap into it early on and learn how to harness it faster. When someone compliments or makes us notice our talent/potential, we usually deny the extent of it or begin to doubt whether our ability deserves to receive as much praise as it is at that moment.

In order for us to be aware of the resources that we possess, we must search within ourselves through introspection. In this journey, mindfulness is a tool that allows us to set aside those feelings of apprehension and fear, tap into our potential, and work on it individually.

For us to be able to introspect, we must take the first step in that direction which is to be able to recognize our attention awareness, self-perceived success, and what we label as stress. Through this method of self-assessment, we begin to get to know ourselves more and understand what makes us tick, in order to be able to address our issues through mindful practices.

In this video, Ms. Jyoti Gupta demonstrates the importance and correlation between self-assessment, introspection, and success in our lives. She explains the power that being aware of your mind, wants, needs, and desires have with your ability to reach your goals. The idea behind taking small steps, everyday to be able to reach a larger goal is essential.

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