What does it mean to be mindful in this day and age?

Devika Kapur August 2020, Webinars Leave a Comment

As a society, we are used to dedicating an action or a learning to someone/something other than us. It could be for a significant other, parents, friends, for your future, job or even goals. Very rarely do we do something that is selfishly just for us within expecting anything in return. But mindfulness is one habit that we should develop to be able to be at peace, connect and love ourselves. Learning how to be in the moment without further distraction both, internally and externally, is another unsung benefit of mindfulness.

Ms. Gupta introduces us to this session by further exploring the need to be able to give ourselves time in the day, to learn, develop, and grow as individuals. She also recites a poem and teaches us the importance of being still rather than all over the place in this following session. Many members of society look at being or practicing mindfulness as too much in relation to both, time and effort, but the pros of this form of therapy outweigh the cons in her opinion.

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