Should 360° assessment be used for hiring and recruitment purposes?

Devika Kapur August 2020, Webinars Leave a Comment

There is a lot of confusion and negative connotations of the use and purpose of this feedback method. While many of the bigger companies fail to understand the aim of the test and what the results could help in improving, they try to use the assessment as a hiring tool. Many even get upset or angry when the results do not line up with their perception of themselves.

Dr. T.V. Rao, who is the leading expert in India in the field of 360° assessment and has also been a critical part of developing it for the Indian population by the team at Harvard, weighs in on why you should not use this assessment as a recruitment tool. Stemming for the fact that the test is extremely subjective and helps in the development of individual performance rather than their appointment into the company.

In this clip from the webinar, Dr. Rao further explores the pitfalls and loopholes of using the test for hiring and recruitment, while also giving his opinion, as a core member of the development of the test for the Indian population as well as his years of experience, conducting and studying the results of the test.

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