Qualities of a healthy leader

Devika Kapur October 2020, Uncategorized, Webinars Leave a Comment

After learning about what makes a healthy person and why it is important, we move on to the aspect of addressing what healthy leadership is. Mentalising is an important part of leadership, as it ensures that the workers are understood and FEEL understood, as well. 

Mr Barrett further goes on to explain what is charisma in a leader. The simple feeling of recognition by others is in itself a defining factor for many leaders. The behaviour of a leader is a message, whether you are being recognised or ignored in the workplace speaks volumes about the kind of environment that is created. Being ignored can also be seen as active rejection by many workers. 

Making meaning of your tasks, job, environment and the world around you, is a big responsibility of the leader to take up. The language and the terms used when undergoing big change can have an immeasurable impact on the perception of those that look up to a leader. 

Further, having a conversation about the changes is essential in order to notice and detoxify any overlaying emotions, co-creating a new meaning for the same experience that is upcoming. 

The idea of neural coupling occurs when a teller’s and a listener’s brain start to synchronize, causing the brain of the listener to respond as though it is experiencing the same situation. When we speak about certain ideas and stories, it can help build trust and attunement. 

Lastly, a healthy leader helps others gain mastery, which is when they are able to take responsibility for themselves. The overarching idea surrounds the aspect that leaders support wellbeing, as the most crucial.

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