Importance of the wellbeing of your workforce

Devika Kapur October 2020, Uncategorized, Webinars Leave a Comment

Having a healthy workforce is essential for a leader, otherwise, the money and resources invested in the human capital will overstate the performance of the company as a whole. The idea of a healthy worker is further divided into 3 principal ideas that drive a healthy human being:

  • Attunement: Easily described as the feeling of connection; to understand others and to, in return, be understood. If we do not feel the connect with others, we begin to feel isolated, misunderstood and are unable to effectively manage our relationships. The ability to feel extremely attuned, can in severe cases lead to attachment disorders or even borderline personality disorder. 
  • Narrative competence: We need to be able to make sense of our world, actions, responsibilities and create mental models/schemas about everything around us. When faced with some kind of change, the one of these 3 main narratives are adopted:
    • Restitution narrative: Everything will be okay. Someone will save me… ends up denying change. 
    • Chaos narrative: I do not know what is happening, I am uneasy, I am confused… ends up triggering an overwhelmed response to the change.
    • Quest narrative: I can learn from this new experience and grow, it has some value… Finding meaning in the change.
  • Self-agency: We need to feel that we matter, our presence affects the world and impacts the way things are viewed by other. The idea that everyone has a purpose and is on the path to fulfil it. It is always at the heart of growth and development.

In order to understand the purpose of reverie in terms of fairytale stories and an imaginative response of a child, watch the video below!

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