Team IIBP Anveshan, Issue 2

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Normalizing “The Talk”.

Team IIBP Anveshan, Issue 2

We live in a society, Where sex education, live in relationships, one night stands. Have always been a taboo. These things I never discussed openly in families. This is because we Indians are very steeped in traditions or our interpretation of traditions. So while we are very quick to embrace the West when it comes to our clothes, the way …


iibp-admin Anveshan, Issue 2

By JIMMY MODY Psychologist,Transpersonal Regression Therapist www.jimmymody.com The Earth we live in is increasingly becoming a battlefield for the forces of integration versus the forces of fragmentation. The play between opposites has encumbered our world as it has our family lives as well. Psychologists, counselors,management gurus have all been working hard to find solutions to a growing‘relationships’ crisis, at both …