Work-Life Balance in the Digital Age: A Focus on Organizational Culture

Team IIBP Anveshan, Employee wellbeing, issue 44, Organizational Culture, Volume 4

“Work-Life Balance” has been a trending word for the last few years, as it is a need of the hour. Humans have invented a lot of digital products to make our lives easy & quick, everything is automated in one click, still, we struggle to balance our personal & professional life & this digital era has become one of the reasons for depression & anxiety, this is highly affecting employee’s mental health which ultimately leading to less productivity.

Organizational culture is one of the key elements to help employees improve work-life balance in this digital age, as we can not stay away from digitization but we can learn & practice to balance.
Here are some ways to upgrade organization culture to balance work & life in the digital age.

  • Task management & monitoring – Before providing any solution the company needs to monitor the loopholes of task management by employees, what is the reason that the employee is failing to meet deadlines sitting late in the office & reaching home late? Some common factors could be there, like- 1. Mental illness due to work pressure or personal life, which needs one-to-one monthly counselling to cure & improve. 2. Physical illness, that leads to mental stress & unproductivity, regular medical check-ups can be helpful to support employees. 3. Improper training or guidance from the management regarding the job profile which leads to procrastination & unhealthy relationships with the team.
  • Training & Development – Training & development is a part of organization culture which helps employees to excel in various issues including work-life balance they might have technical-non technical & training can keep them away from their cell phones & work desk for a while which can refresh their mind & to develop this micro practice.
  • Outdoor activity – The organization could start a weekend event which should include physical activity through games, and fitness exercises to make the employee physically & mentally fit for
    the next few days & if it works it can be done twice a week leads to productivity at work & they can reduce their working hours.
  • Family meetups – The company can organize occasion family meet-ups for all the employees where the family can also get to understand the company & provide support to the employees also can spend time with them if they are not able to at weekends regularly.
  • Providing rebates on special occasions. – On special occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, work anniversaries etc., the company can provide early leave or a special time zone so that the employee can go back home early to celebrate with family.
    “Digitalization should not make us handicapped, we waste a lot of time on the things which are not
    important & reduce the personal human bond in personal & professional life, company culture is something keep on changing & evolving, it has to as the employees have their personal life outside
    the company & the organization has its life outside the personal life & this is how everything process & balancing the life we have is beautiful art to experience every bit of life & we all have\ that potential to do this.

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