What is mindfulness and what factors contribute to it in our lives?

Devika Kapur August 2020, Webinars Leave a Comment

Many times mindfulness gets mixed up with other practices that also have the calming and awareness-building ability. The media has perpetuated and ran with the idea of the most ‘trending’ method of mindfulness that is successful in the west, but it is a much larger practice that allows you to improve your cognitive, emotional and psychological functioning for the long term.

The defining factors of mindfulness are based on the ability to pay attention to the stimulus around us, without preconceived judgement that would allow us to respond not react to any event. It also helps cultivate an attitude and a sense of openness, curiosity and experience that we would otherwise be lacking in our lives.

The four main factors that facilitate the idea of mindfulness are:

  1. Attention: Listening, watching, or considering.
  2. Intention: Purposefully increasing awareness of experiences.
  3. Presence: Here and Now, being in the present moment.
  4. Openness: Being curious, objective, non-judgemental about new/prevailing experiences.

There is an evident difference between the actions that we take when we are being mindful as opposed to when we are not. In a situation when we are not mindful, a stimulus occurs and we instinctively react to it. But in the case of mindful decisions a stimulus is presented, we think it over while being aware of our current state, make an informed decision, and respond to it. The major difference here is between reacting and responding. Reacting is more primal and instinctual to the action while responding is taking a moment or two to have a more aware and thought out answer to it.

There are several mindful practices that include using our minds, bodies, nutrition, environment, relationships, etc. to build a stronger core into enhancing in it our day to day lives. Mindfulness can also help with the journey of personal, professional and spiritual growth of an individual.

In this video, Ms. Gupta takes us through the practice of mindfulness, the core factors in building awareness, and the benefits of being mindful. She uses more everyday examples and outcomes that one may experience on their voyage to gain a mindful attitude. Exploring the idea of mindfulness as a form of therapy and how it can improve your mental state is a topic brought up in this webinar as well.

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