The power of 360° feedback assessment

Devika Kapur August 2020, Webinars Leave a Comment

Based on all of his research findings, Dr. Rao published a book called ‘The Power of 360° feedback, to outline what traits and type of thinking the top scorers in over 15 years of administrating the test. He has compiled all the data points since the first program conducted in India in 1997. He identified 300 out of 8,000 cases to be the most balanced and high scoring candidates in their testing. He further compiled their stories and what motivates the individuals to make the decisions that they do, which resulted in the publication of a 100 of those scorers’ stories in the book itself.

In the video, Dr. Rao gives a brief introduction to the book and his insights that his partner and him found to be quite surprising. He also goes on to tell the audience about the importance of balancing the aspects that would help facilitate our leadership role and styles.

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