Online Counseling : Strikes when the iron is hot

Team IIBP Mental Health

Just like a storybook tales one day a nightmare came and changed the plot of the story and made us depend on an online world, shopping and education was something already been accepted but suddenly, wedding, court proceedings, and your doctor’s appointment was also made online, initially, it was vague, how, when, where, but everything was managed to be smooth in this digital world.

Also, this isolation phase brought a complete turn in our psychological wellbeing, people realized their internal conflicts which earlier they were projecting and blaming to another aspect of their life and thus some had some serious and some mild breakdown, made them confront that finally, they need counseling, I must say this entire 2020 crisis was not so bad it was blessing in disguise,

without this, people still won’t have given any part to their mental wellbeing, being with themselves, bought this introspection, over thinking, self-work, some pending motives, some incomplete relationships, some mistake, few dreams, some realization, goals, planning, confusions, and all that brainstorming stage, next in this process was, to share this entire thought storm with someone and when they realized no one is all ear to them, there came the breakdown,

who will hear them? , who will validate them, come on!! we all are a social being, we need people to smile with us in our happiness and pat our shoulders in achievement, hold us on our sad days, social media did play a role but still, some people need the real trained listener, the goal maker, the helpers, some real friend, some non-judgmental ears, someone who can untangle their brainstorming and help them understand emotion one step at a time, they needed the COUNSELLOR.

The myth of going to a counselor was cleared when Online counseling made them  realize nothing suspicious in it and how easily just a conversation can make their situation so much better and sorted, our profession seems to get accepted in society and not something to be shy about.

This was an evolutionary period. Psychological wellbeing was one of the most discussed topics throughout the year, and counseling online came to be better and acceptable than offline, I can give you answers with valid perspective, keeping in mind there are disadvantages as well but once you realize the advantage of online counseling, you will see the barriers in counseling were solved through online mode.

  • The client can talk without the fear of judgment in the first session itself as the identity issues are more confidential in online mode.
  • Emotional issues are better when treated immediately, it’s like striking when the iron is hot and it works wonders. In offline mode deciding to approach a counselor, planning to visit, managing time. Delaying the entire process and the effect of counseling get weakens, in online mode; you get the immediate first aid counseling without any delay.
  • Also when on phone counseling I still remember when I asked my client that if they need video call counseling they said it’s better to have this conversation on just voice call, as this makes them comfortable to vent their emotion
  • With the realization that counseling is not a long process and just a call away, the client is more ready to attend a session and do not procrastinate.
  • Cost of traveling for client and cost of office for a counselor is saved in online counseling
  • As the client readily taking the counseling session without any delays, the results are instant and better.

Not ignoring the disadvantage, that the information might be vague and incomplete in online mode, understanding the body language might be difficult, some client may prefer face to face counseling, a client may not get the comfortable environment in online mode to have a session so the effect might suffer. But compared to the pros, cons can be managed and in our World of Psychology, this online counseling came out to break the glass ceiling and provided the respect this profession needs.