Team IIBP Anveshan, Issue 8, Volume 2

We live in a society, Where sex education, live in relationships, one night stands. Have always been a taboo. These things I never discussed openly in families. This is because we Indians are very steeped in traditions or our interpretation of traditions. So while we are very quick to embrace the West when it comes to our clothes, the way we talk and what we watch, etc.

We must also try and be open about all of it with our kids as well. Teenagers or our youth are more comfortable reading about all of these on Internet rather than discussing it openly with their parents. Now, here there’s high probability for them being misguided by kind of content they consume.

There are few people that think that having an open discussion about sex or one night stand or pornography for that matter will their kids would encourage them to do it. Now, that’s a fallacy. What they don’t know is having open discussions with their children will help them analyze that situations better and make the right choices.

What should points keep in mind while doing The Talk’?

One of the biggest mistakes parents used to do or maybe still do is portray ‘sex’ as a forbidden sin. Further talking about Career, I think there’s much more diversity in terms of careers that an individual can choose for themselves. It’s not just about Doctors and Engineers and CAs any more. It’s now more than that.

India today is not just about ‘take up Science and become a Doctor’ BA too has now gained it’s roots as a respectable field in itself. People these days have so many options open to them, that helps them turn their passion into profession. Women and Girls these days are encouraged to be Independent. Earlier it was just the duty of a man to feed his family but now with women taking the lead has led to changing scenarios. Women now can take charge of their life and it’s not about just getting married anymore.

Nowadays, a man is not responsible for eradicating poverty from his Woman’s life, just like a woman is not responsible for being the rehabilitation center for a man’s bad upbringing.

So, this 2021, let’s normalize things that should be normalized.

Let Taboo just be a game and not a societal concept. Let’s be open about things that matter to us and do things that gives us true happiness!






About the Author.

Ms. Anshika Chhatani, is a budding Psychologist and a Succeeding Graphologist. She’s all about getting Psychology and Creativity together by turning her passion into profession. She’s an entrepreneur by the day and a writer by the night. Her friends call her Octopus because that’s what she thinks she is, trying her hands at everything that catches her attention as she believes, specialization is for insects, a woman can do whatever she puts her mind to!