Introduction to a psychodynamic approach to leadership

Devika Kapur October 2020, Webinars Leave a Comment

Natural leadership is a word that is easily thrown around by the management regarding the qualities that they think would make a good employee. Though many times, the job that they are filling does not require a leader, it is often seen as an added bonus if ever the need rises, down the line. 

Mr. Laurence Barrett introduces us to the topic of the webinar, “Leadership in Human systems: A psychodynamic perspective” by delving into the topic of ‘Why is leadership?’. He tackles the ideas around why do we need leaders and when is it necessary for a leader to step up. The most important aspect is whether the leader adds or deducts value to the environment. 

He believes that leaders help us internalise the concept of change and the developmental psychology, especially infants, lay groundwork for a lot of our reactions, perceptions, and coping. He explains the aspect of change from integrated to disintegrated, and finally reintegration and disintegration. 

In order to understand further, through examples and common ideology, click on the video below!

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