Importance of recognition and interaction with leaders

Devika Kapur October 2020, Webinars Leave a Comment

In order to experience change as well as go through the deintegration and reintegration cycle, we first need to get noticed and feel seen. Giving the simple example of parenting and how the mother must observe and have a reaction with her child, causes the infant to feel the attention of the parent, allowing them to try to communicate with them more. 

In a small video that Mr Barrett shows us, the child is happy and is attempting to speak when the mother is interacting with them. But as soon as the parent is asked not to react to the child, we can almost instantly see confusion and frustration on the child’s face, causing them to cry as a result of the change. 

Similarly for adults, when a worker is going through a rough patch but the leader is not observing or noticing the reduction in the performance, they will end up feeling similar reactions but with age get better at managing them. 

To further understand the process, click on the video below!

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