Team IIBP Anveshan, Issue 13, Volume 2

Mind is the product of our brain through which we think and conceive ideas, thoughts, feelings, and intelligence. Many people are unable to keep their mind in a systematic paradigm and mind goes astray because they feel that their mind is chattering which always bothers them. Their thoughts shift back to past and future imaginations.

But the question is why someone wants to stop their mind chattering? Don’t you think that brain has gone through millions of years of evolution to get this kind of capability? And now you want to stop it.

If your mind starts producing pleasantness for you then would you think to stop your mind?

No. but your mind is producing unpleasantness for you for that’s why you want to stop your mind.

So, this time we have to reprogram our minds. yes! Let’s understand this way when you meditate you focus on your breathing. You are reprogramming your breath for mindfulness. You slow down your whole breathing process. Here we have reprogrammed our breathing for the meditation.

In this same way, we have to reprogram our mind so that it could produce pleasantness for you. Before reprogramming the mind, we have to understand the what’s the actual problem with it and from where it is coming.

Our body is made up of 70% of water. Have you ever seen ripples when we throw or put something in the water?

Let me elaborate this, suppose you are playing cricket and your ball goes into a clean lake at some distance. Then you start waving your hand in the water to bring that ball closer. So that you can take out the ball when it comes to the shore. The lake is clean so it’s easy for you to take out that ball. But think the lake is full of garbage then somewhere you will attract the garbage too in order to have that ball. Lake always used to be public property; we cannot have our hands on that. But our mind is ours. Our thoughts, feelings, are just like the object we put in our brains. We have the right to do anything with our brains. So let’s clean our brain so that the mind can produce pleasantness for us.

Here we have 7 simple steps to reprogram our minds.

1. Close your eyes, breathe and relax completely.

2. Observe your mind where it’s going

3. Open your eyes and write it down everything on the sheet you saw, without thinking.

4. Now put “P” after the positive sentences and “N” after the negative sentences.

5. Take a marker of red or black color and cut all the negative lines.

6. Now change those negative lines into positive lines.

7. Read this every day for 21 days daily.

Note- do not use words like; Not, Hope, Wish, Maybe, Hope so, or No.






About the Author.

Afifa Sharif, is the founder of “Felicity” where she creates a road of intense happiness. Recently she is pursuing her BA Hons English from Amity University, Lucknow campus. She is an amazing writer in different genres from classical to modern. She is creating a world of happiness, love, and peace.