How to align the best interests of the owner and the company’s development as a consultant

Devika Kapur September 2020, Webinars Leave a Comment

As an outsider entering the new world surrounding a company, there are times that the employees and owners of the organization will know more about their wants and needs than you will. Then why do they require a consultant? Even though they are aware of what is to be done and how they could get around the issue, the job of the consultant is to take a 360-degree look at all the factors surrounding the situation and ask the right questions that would enable them to arrive at a solution.

Many times, the language and best interests of the owner of the company is going to be different than the workers and/or the consultants. They might want guarantees or more quantative statements rather than qualitative and higher costs for them.

In this video, Mr. Agarwal walks us through how to approach these situations in a way that allows everyone the peace of mind that comes with being heard and gets the work pulled through. He also gives us examples from his personal experience over the years, as a roadmap on how to deal with such situations.

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