History and Indian contribution to the development of 360° feedback

Devika Kapur August 2020, Webinars Leave a Comment

The form of assessment was termed 360° feedback assessment in 1992, by an American team of test developers. But Dr. Rao, along with his team of developers disagrees with this statement. Going back into the history of this method of assessment, Dr. Rao firmly believes that the program that he ran in IIM Ahmedabad in 1986, coined as ‘Leadership styles and Organizational effectiveness’ was the first introduction to this pattern of testing.

Further conducting a three-day intensive workshop, centered around feedback assessment and how it can be used for the development of the candidate, Dr. Rao saw a great response from the public regarding this workshop and had to increase the number of participant rounds to be able to have the same teaching, research, and analysis project but with a larger same size.

While in his teaching position in IIM, he was approached by the lead test developer to accompany him to Harvard University in order to adapt a psychosocial scale for assessments they had coined it, to the Indian audience, which he agreed on the undertaking.

In this video, Dr. Rao provides more details about his interaction and conduction of the workshop as well as the leadership course, all the while learning more and more about the research method that he was applying.

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