Team Management Profile Questionnaire


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Note: This test review was published by BPS on 1st September 2006

Description of the Test:

The TMS package includes the Team Management Profile Questionnaire, the Types of Work – Profile Questionnaire and the Linking Skills Profile Questionnaire, Team Performance Profile Questionnaire and the Influencing Skills Profile Questionnaire. The Type of Work Profile Questionnaire measures job demands in relation to eight functions and is designed to be completed by both the individual and others with whom he or she works. The Linking Skills Profile Questionnaire is designed to assess the activities and behaviours needed to integrate and successfully coordinate the work of a team. Again, the Linking Skills Profile Questionnaire can be completed both by the individual and those with whom he or she works. The Team Management Profile Questionnaire aims to measure a person’s work and team-role preferences in four key areas: working with others, gathering and using information, making decisions, and organising self and others. It consists of 60 pairs of statements. In each case, the respondent is required to choose between the two alternatives on the basis of agreement or disagreement with the statements and allocate one out of a possible four scores to each item. The test is not timed but takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Scores are initially computer analysed on four scales: Extravert/Introvert (EI), Practical/Creative (PC), Analytical/Beliefs (AB), and Structured/Flexible (SF). Each scale is measured by 15 items. On the basis of these scores, the individual’s position is mapped on to the Team Management Wheel to indicate preferred major and related roles. Roles are classified into eight main types: Creator-Innovators, Explorer-Promoters, Assessor-Developers, Thruster Organisers, Concluder-Producers, Controller-Inspectors, Upholder-Maintainers and Reporter-Advisers. A 4000-word computer-generated, narrative profile report is produced. The Index is based on Jungian theory and there are Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Japanese and Swedish translations available. Others are currently awaiting data collection and validation. These include Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Indonesian Bahasa, Korean, Mandarin, Greek, Arabic and Danish.

Authors: C. Margerison and D. McCann

Test Publisher: TMS Development International Ltd.

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