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Note: This test review was published by BPS on 18th January 2008

Description of the Test

The Graduate Reasoning Test (GRT1) is designed to assess three types of reasoning ability: verbal, numerical, and abstract in a graduate level population. The verbal section of the test takes 8 minutes plus administrative time and consists of 30 analogies, synonyms, antonyms and other similar short items; the numerical section has 25 items which are a mixture of numerical series, short word problems, ratios and odd one out. It takes 10 minutes. The abstract section also has 25 items in 10 minutes. It contains similar item types to the numerical, series, odd-one-out and analogies. All items have 6 possible responses.

All three subtests are presented in a re-usable test question booklets and a single answer sheets is used for recording responses. It is computer scored via the Genesys system - software that produces the computer-generated narrative reports and contains the published norms and may include in-house norms. Computer based test administration is also available.  Responses must be hand entered from the answer sheet. The tests are designed for occupational use for the assessment of graduates and people of similar intellectual ability. They can be used for selection and in other assessment contexts.

The GRT1 manual also describes two other tests: GRT2, for use with graduate populations, and the Critical Reasoning Test Battery.

Authors: Psytech International Ltd.

Test Publisher: Psytech International Ltd.

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