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Note: This test review was done by BPS on 9th December 2004

Description of the Test

The Brainstorm was developed in 1986 to provide an ‘open ended format to assess fluency, breadth and originality in problem solving’. It is currently available for use with Directors and Managers of professionals and junior Managers of Supervisors Candidates are presented with problematic situations (e.g. gone to an important meeting and discovered that important papers have been left behind) and are then given four minutes to list as many constructive ways to deal with a situation as they can (in contrast to many tests, each question or item is separately timed). Responses are scored according to three dimensions: fluency in terms of the number of different solutions offered; dimensionality in terms of the number of distinct lines of thought expressed (several answers may reflect one line of thought); and originality in terms of the frequency of occurrence of the dimensions which are mentioned (i.e. more ‘original’ answers are defined as those that relate to dimensions which are less frequently mentioned by candidates). The Brainstorm is offered mainly for use in assessment/development centres to provide a structured method for assessing a candidate’s approach to problem solving. Indeed, the test looks like an in-tray exercise with several discrete problems or a paper-and-pencil version of a structured interview probing divergent thinking.

Test Publisher: SHL Talent Measurement Solutions

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