Team IIBP Anveshan, Issue 25, Volume 3

Recruiters have you ever selected a candidate and it turned out to be a wrong decision ?

It doesn’t matter which industry or field you are in, as a recruiter or talent manager, you have spent plenty of time to select a candidate through the traditional process. The traditional method have been remarkably unreliable method.

For each of us, it has been a challenge to select a candidate without any bias or without making a judgment. From posting about the opening on various platforms like LinkedIn to screening through hundreds of resumes is itself a long process which takes countless hours.

In order to escape the long process again, each one of us try to hire the ideal candidate for the organization. This helps us to save training hours, money, time and helps to improve our organizations. Most of us have conducted structured interviews which is based on questions based on behavior. This helps us to understand their past work performance by asking them situational questions like what would you do if you are a leader in the project.

Unfortunately, this method of recruiting is not only time consuming but often creates biases.

Choosing a candidate for your company is a challenging task that requires a lot of skills. Finding the right candidate for the opening position , facilitating their offers and negotiations is an exhausting process.

Here are a few set of skills that you must possess if you have would like a career in Human Resources-

  • Negotiation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to read individuals
  • Be a good listener
  • Ability to manage expectations of candidate as well as organization
  • Be a fast adapter
  • Data Driven
  • Confident

Not every individual possesses these sets of skills. With the rise of technology, it is easy to understand the ability of potential candidate.

What is a psychometric test?

A psychometric evaluation (otherwise called psychometric test) comprises of a bunch of questions that measure the degree to which a competitor’s character and capacity match those expected to play out a given position. These tests are created by a logical technique, and are intended to be unbiased and objective.

What use psychometric tests?

Pursuing an employing choice exclusively founded on screening resumes and resumes as well as doing reference checks is obsolete. Why? Since most up-and-comers bring much more to the table than what’s gotten written down and reference checks can undoubtedly be one-sided or biased.

In the present society, managers are looking past hard abilities. They are turning towards a more comprehensive method where they need to find out about the individual, their inclinations, their own story, and in particular, their capacity to cooperate with other people.

Using psychometrics tools help human resources, in various ways.

  • Firstly, these assessments are one of the most effective tools for evaluating candidates.
  • Secondly, they help in understanding personality, cognitive abilities and leadership styles.

What are the pros of psychometric tests?

  • They take away unconscious bias
  • They give key additional information
  • They improve employee commitment
  • They give better profit from venture



About the Author:

Rahul Tekchandani is a Behavioral Coach and works as Consultant Psychometrician at The Psychometric World. He is passionate about psychology and works with NGOs to create awareness about mental health.