Coaching laser logical employees to trust their hunches more

Devika Kapur September 2020, Webinars Leave a Comment

A major issue with the more practical industry workers, like engineers, accountants, data analyzers, etc. is their reliability on hard data. Many times in corporate situations, one needs to have the ability to trust their gut and intuition because it is possible that they aren’t many data points present to make a decision, at that moment in time.

The apprehension may occur because there is less safety in their minds to trust their instincts. While coaching such highly analytical individuals, it is important to push them to be mindful of why their intuition is sounding off as well as to trust it and trust the years of experience they have acquired.

Mr. Klaasen, in this video, explains the importance of being flexibly organized when it comes to coaching such individuals. In times of uncertainty, many have to rely on their ability to quickly analyze the situation with fewer amounts of data, to sustain in the industry. Although this is not an easy behavior to learn or modify, it is essential that prosper in business landscapes today.

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