Being constructive and assertive at the workplace

Devika Kapur September 2020, Webinars Leave a Comment

Many times being dominant comes off as rude and contradictory to the supervisors of a department. While an individual might be doing their best to be helpful and come up with new ideas, it is not ideal to rub a superior the wrong way.

Using the Harrison Paradoxes, Mr. David Klaasen shows us how to be assertive and helpful, rather than dominating, and how the ideal area where we want to operate is that of mutual help. We also observe how that would help the entire organization run things more smoothly, without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Mr. Klaasen also explores the cultural aspect of how bosses expect their employees to behave and follow orders, but how we can approach a new idea or suggestion without seeming rude. He also emphasizes the importance of the vocabulary that we use when pitching a new approach, which could essentially be the deciding factor for many projects.

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