Team IIBP Anveshan, Issue 4

Ms. Shaziya Masarrat

Human interaction plays a vital role in the growth and development of our brains. In all the various possible aspects of emotional level, professionally or psychological level.

Independent of its consequences favourable,terrible or other.We, humans, need humans to rely upon, enjoy associating, establishing alliance & socializing.The advancement in technology made it possible to interact without being physically present and this made distance education possible with electronic medium popularly known as ‘ E-learning ‘.

For the last decade, E-learning is considered as a flexible, effective and efficient way to upgrade the knowledge & skills with distance education.The ongoing pandemic made it clear by switching E-learning as an alternative to the only option left for keeping up with the academic activities.Students have to attend lectures online via video conferencing and getting notes and other study materials in digital format.Like every other thing, E-learning has its own pros and cons.This isolation is essential at this time Which may help the institutions to follow the social distancing measures & avoid a large number of people gathering but also create some adverse aftermath too.Starting from the most familiar impact on students are irregularities in their sleep cycle as many of these students have

to move back to their homes with a whole lot of different time zones than their respective university.The sleep deprivation leads to many other psychological effects as well as emotional effects.Additionally, Students have to attend classes via online video conferences by as per their class schedules because of this students have to spend more time onscreen virtually, using digital devices.
The excessive exposure to digital devices can cause physical as well as mental health issues.These factors promote the introverted behaviour in students.Due to the limited or no interaction with the community and friend circle, it’s tough to survive the boredom.While human interaction provides a sense of reliability,evolve community trust and helps in building up confidence. The absence of this characteristic leads to some psychological and behavioral changes in students such as anxiety disorder and low self-esteem amongst the youngsters The E-learning can able to fulfil the requirements of completion of academics but it cannot be an alternative to human interaction & its effect.

The world is adjusting according to the new work & education  environment and rising issues need to get address to find it’s solutions.

Experts suggest some basic fundamentals that can help students to cope up with the changing needs of the education system.In this remote educational system eating healthy and staying physically active can be a good therapy.

Ms. shaziya masarrat  on a mission to live a life worth writing about. she is a passionate content writer  and certified engineering graduate. she is enthusiast about books,poetry,astronomy and cats.