Tips to newcomers in the field of consulting

Devika Kapur September 2020, Webinars Leave a Comment

Changing your field or newly coming into the world of consulting might actually have more benefits than you would think. The fact that you have experience in another field that you could implement to have a more holistic and in-depth element into your problem-solving skills.

Branding yourself in a field is important to be able to make a mark and stand out amongst your competitors. Many companies believe in the old trustable method of word of mouth and letting the work speak, but in the age of information, there might be many steps before even being able to reach that point.

  • Have a website in place in which you can showcase the work you have done, the services you provide, your team, or even just the aim and mission statement of your organization.
  • A professional email id is a must in branding your company and being looked at more seriously from a collaborative viewpoint. It shows that you are invested in your company as well as working towards improving it.
  • Running a google search has almost become a primal instinct for us when a new topic/company is introduced, which we may not have any information or even heard about earlier. This is why constantly updating your website and optimizing your SEO hits may come in handy to make a good first impression.

In the video, Mr. Agarwal explores these steps and more with us through the video of the webinar. He also identifies the difficulties that newcomers may face while entering the new field of work.

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