Aranyaka Mallick

Aranyaka Mallick is currently working as a counsellor and special educator at Sai International School, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. She is also working as a therapist at The Learning Clinic, Bhubaneswar of DR. J.P. DAS.  With experience of about 2 years in this field,  having clinical and counseling psychology as her specialization in masters, with a focused interest in this area. Along with that, she has done her Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, NCERT. She has also worked at a wellness center- Manam Foundation in Bhubaneswar.

She has a constant interest always being in counseling as counseling can help people to develop and improve their lives. Aranyaka Mallick has always thought and worried about the idea that why people don’t know about counseling, why mental health is not so important to people? Maybe because due to the lack of awareness or understanding. But slowly with time it is gaining importance as mental health is as important as physical health. She believes that when a person has a cold/fever, s/he can visit a doctor in the same way if a person is feeling low, have some personal issues in life, is experiencing some anxiety, or any other why he/she can’t meet someone?

So here comes our role.

With the help of the cognitive, emotional, social process, the behavior of the person along with understanding, observing we relate how individuals are. This helps in understanding the issues faced. It is very important to have healthy and positive mental health as people are facing different challenges in their day to day life. And counseling plays a crucial role in helping to overcome the mental and emotional challenges associated with a different situation to make lasting positive changes.

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