Harnessing and Managing Emotions: Insights from Dr. Jimmy Mody

Team IIBP Webinars

In this segment, Dr. Jimmy Mody discusses the crucial skill of harnessing emotions. He explains that harnessing emotions involves applying them effectively to tasks like thinking and problem-solving. Additionally, Dr. Mody highlights the importance of managing emotions, which includes regulating one’s own emotions and assisting others in doing the same.

A key point Dr. Mody touches upon is the common experience of one’s mind going blank during stressful situations, such as facing an exam paper. He explains how controlling fear in such moments is vital for preserving focus and performance. This ability to manage emotions, he notes, is not only essential for personal competence but also for enhancing productivity.

Drawing from psychology, Dr. Mody mentions that individuals with high emotional intelligence are typically better at recognizing and naming their emotions, navigating through them effectively, and maintaining high self-confidence. This segment of the talk is particularly insightful for those seeking to understand how emotional control can lead to better self-management and success.