As we know that awareness around job opportunities in fields of business psychology other than clinical or HR are limited, so making it more popular and well-known amongst future psychology professionals is needed. This job board where job opportunities in various fields of psychology and business are listed and all aspirants can make an informed choice about the job that feels right to them.

Our job board initiative allows psychology aspirants more opportunity, by helping them find the right jobs/internships.

IIBP has a community of thousands of qualified individuals in the field of business psychology, which allows us to spread awareness to psychology students about the various career options with the field, in turn promoting this field itself. As a field, business psychology, is evolving at a rapid pace and we realise the importance of having such a community, that learns and grows together.

How to post a job?

Guidelines for Job Posting

  • A brief write-up of the company and its practices must be given.
  • The candidates’ requirements and the job qualifications should be stated.
  • The job designation and description must be clearly stated.
  • A proposed salary should be enclosed in the application. 
  • Unpaid internships/jobs are not allowed to be posted on our site, other than NGOs/NPOs.
  • Programmes or training workshops preceding the job where the candidates are asked to pay in the form of a security deposit, learning fee or admission fee is not permitted.
  • A link or email ID should be mentioned, where the applicants can submit their documents which should be valid for a minimum period of 7 days.
  • Links to third party job sites will not be accepted as a portal for our members to send in their CVs.  
  • The applications usually take 3-7 days to be processed, reviewed and accepted by our team.
  • Any misinformation or hidden material information not provided could result in the post being taken down and your account being suspended/permanently deleted.
  • You could be asked to provide additional confirmation information in the initial stages or the first time posting, to ensure a authenticity from both ends. 
  • By posting the information about the job vacancy on our official job board, you are further allowing IIBP to post information on their social media accounts, if they wish to do so, to increase the reach of the post. 
  • Third Party Posting is not permitted; you can only post for vacancies for an organisation that you directly work for or with. 
  • Accountability and transparency, on both ends, is a high priority for us and would not be compromised in any situation.