SPQ20 Sport Personality Questionnaire


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Note: This test review was published by BPS on 10th January 2012

Description of the Test:

The SPQ20 is a personality questionnaire which assesses the mental factors which affect elite athletic performance. The questionnaire is intended for sport psychologists and coaches to help their athletes understand and develop the mental ‘skills’ needed to perform successfully in competition. Based on the ‘latest thinking’ in sports science, it measures 20 dimensions which cover four key factors: confidence and resilience, achievement drive and competitiveness, interaction and sportsmanship, and power and aggressiveness. The questionnaire also provides measures of Overall Mental Skill and Team Leadership Potential. The SPQ20 is a self-report questionnaire composed of 168 items and utilises a five-point Likert-type scale (1 to 5). The questionnaire is answered by the athletes themselves and all of the questions are delivered in the nominative case (e.g. ‘I have previously ...’). The developers suggest that the testing may have been instigated by sports psychologists and coaches but the questionnaire can be accessed (and paid for) by the athletes themselves online and takes about 20 minutes to complete. Results and reports from the questionnaire are available on screen immediately after testing or can be emailed to respondents at a later time. Results for each dimension are reported as Sten scores. Low Stens are interpreted in the report as indicating dimensions which require development, medium Stens are interpreted as indicating dimensions requiring some work and high Stens are interpreted as indicating dimensions which are areas of strengths and should be capitalised on. Separate scorecards are provided for each of the four factors, with a graphic representation of the Sten score for each dimension and short narrative descriptions of the scores obtained. Overall Mental Skill is presented as a type, based on two of the factors: confidence and resilience, and achievement drive and competitiveness. These produce four different types which are displayed on a matrix, with high visual impact. Team Leadership Potential is also presented as a type: based on the other two factors: interaction and sportsmanship, and power and aggressiveness The tone of the main report is descriptive and guidance-based. A learning and development guide is also provided to give athletes some practical ideas, tips, and reading suggestions to help their performance, drawn from sport psychology literature. Development points are provided for each of the 20 dimensions, with five distinct and different development suggestions as well as a book which encapsulates the essence of each dimension.

Authors: Alan Cameron

Test Publisher: MySkillsProfile.com Ltd

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