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Note: This test review was published by BPS on 28th July 2015

Description of the Test:

Mindmill’s Self-Inventory (SI) is a web-based personality questionnaire based on an extended version of the ‘Big Five’ model. It is intended for use in the general population and in a range of settings - including recruitment and selection, counselling, careers advice and careers choice. It builds on Tupes and Christal’s original work on the ‘Big Five’ by measuring six domains (personality traits) which are said to be relatively stable over time and influence an individual’s behaviour. The SI has 90 items, with 15 items for each of the domains, these being: • Proactive (Self-Assertive) – this is the non ‘Big-Five’ domain • Interactive (Extraverted vs Introverted) • Reactive (Conscientious) • Nurturant (Agreeable) • Dispositional (Nervous vs Stable) • Intellective (Broadminded vs Narrow-minded) As well as the six personality scales, two types of response styles are also measured by the questionnaire – ‘guarded responses’ and ‘socially-desirable responses’. Respondents complete the questionnaire online using a Likert scale (from 'Never' to 'Always') to rate each item. Responses are presented on an arc, and users are permitted to position their rating at any point on the scale (i.e. they are not constrained by the six-anchor points). The questionnaire is not timed, but typically takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Both a detailed and a summary report are available focused on summarising the key information. The tone of the reports is descriptive and it is written with guidance in mind. It describes the relative significance of the score quite briefly, and adds some areas that may require further consideration. The response-styles are intended to provide advisory warnings, and are given as notes of caution against interpreting the results too literally.

Authors: Mindmill

Test Publisher: Mindmill

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