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Note: This test review was published by BPS on 23rd May 2008

Description of the Test:

Quintax is a self-report personality assessment intended to tap the Big-5 structure of personality, with a Social Desirability scale. It is quick to complete - 72 items, with a six-point response scale (agree-disagree etc.). The five scales, with the labels used for the two poles, are: Extraversion (Introvert v Extravert) Criticality (Personable v Logical) Organisation (Adaptable v Structured) Intellectual Focus (Grounded v Theoretical) Emotional Involvement (Calm v Volatile) It is designed for use in occupational settings: selection, development, workshops etc. It uses a two-part carbon-backed answer sheet to permit rapid and easy scoring. Though it employs the usual Sten score system it is unusual because a Type methodology can be used as an alternative method of reporting profiles (using the bipolar labels set out above). It provides Type Descriptor leaflets for 32 types. A narrative report writer is available for PCs, which also calculates Belbin’s Team Roles.

Authors:S. Robertson and D. Wilkie

Test Publisher: Stuart Robertson & Associates

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