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Note: This test review was published by BPS on 22nd November 2011

Description of the Test:

Profile:Match is an online assessment tool comprising an item bank of 241 personality inventory items structured around the Five Factor Model. This instrument is different in that respondents answer items related to 11 personality scales, but receive the output in terms of competency predictions, the translation of the data being made automatically by the application of algorithms or competency metrics. Profile:Match generates a unique questionnaire depending on the competencies a user has specified for a particular job and a series of reports are generated (again the user chooses which report(s) to obtain) which have a selection and/or developmental focus. The personality scales covered by Profile:Match (with five-factor markers in brackets) are: Self esteem, Composure (Emotional Stability); Sociable, Assertive (Extraversion); Sensitive, Dependent (Agreeableness); Compliant, Perfectionistic (Conscientiousness); Imaginative, Studious (Openness/Culture). The eleventh scale, Rational, is a more recent addition to the inventory. There is also a Consistency Scale, which estimates the extent to which the profile is ‘valid & interpretable’. Items have been designed to tap into the respondents’ description of themselves on these scales. Profile:Match generates competency ratings from the self-report questionnaire data using algorithms established on the basis of research and expert judgement. As the competencies selected as relevant will vary from application to application, the number of items presented will also vary. There are a possible 24 competencies and users choose up to 10 of these on which to have the data presented. The competencies from which to choose are : attention to detail; planning and organising; customer focus; resilience; commitment; results orientation; team orientation; project management; interpersonal skills; motivation; self-confidence; analytic; leadership potential; problem solving; flexibility; communication skills; information management; strategic awareness; decision making; people management; persuasive communication; creative; delegating; developing others. This review only pertains to the personality questionnaire and not the job analysis or 360 degree feedback questionnaires.

Authors: Geoff Trickey & Gillian Hyde

Test Publisher: Psychological Consultancy Ltd.

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