Predictive Role Profiling for High-Performing Executive Teams


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Note: This test review was published by BPS on 1st April 2017

Description of the Test:

PROPHET is a business-focused tool to be used for development purposes with employees especially those in executive roles. It looks at aspects of personal approach and style, and links these to the broad roles that should come easily to a person in terms of the business cycle. Not a traditional personality measure per se, it is based on business relationship theory and derives measures that link into the developer’s model of the business cycle and the roles important within this.

PROPHET is an ipsative tool, presenting 112 statements in groups of four which load onto eight base scales of Motivation and Decision Making style. The four Motivation scales are: Driving, Influencing, Team and Order. The four Decision Making scales are: Inspired, Experimental, Systematic and Analytical. The computer generated output provides analysis and description as to where someone comes on each of these. It also provides interpretation for two sets of derived scales that come from these in terms of Inclinations and Roles. The Inclinations are 4 bi-polar scales of: People – Things, Managing – Leading, Present – Future and Structured – Flexible. The Roles are derived from the Inclinations and consist of 16 separate roles that have a distinct value in different parts of the business life cycle. The roles are: Entrepreneur, Evangelist, Marketer, Inventor, Architect, Advisor; Team Builder; Planner; Operations Director; Organiser; Co-ordinator; Operator; Trouble Shooter, Motivator, Change Manager and Fixer.

PROPHET is for use in development-focused interventions either with individuals or with teams to improve working relationships and company effectiveness mindful of the requirements of the business cycle.  It is not designed to be used to make decisions about people as in selection, promotion, redundancy. Those who have experience and skills in using other Level 2 instruments are eligible to be trained to use PROPHET.

Authors: Colin Sheppard, Ben Stones & Stephanie Wyman

Test Publisher: PROPHET Profiling

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