Personality Indicator (PI-5)


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Note: This test review was published by BPS in 2013

Description of the Test:

The PI-5 is a short, 60-item personality questionnaire measuring five factors of personality. The PI-5 is the most recent revision of a tool originally known as the Personality Questionnaire (PQ). The five factors are: 1. Practical vs Imaginative – practical, grounded, solution oriented (low) or abstract, imaginative, ideas-oriented (high) 2. Cooperative vs Competitive: co-operative, supporting team worker (low) or needing personal achievement, strong opinions (high) 3. Self confident vs Self-critical: high confidence in self and one’s own value (low) or tendency to underrate own worth (high) 4. People focus vs Task-focus: people focus, achieves through relationships with others (low) or logical and objective with analytical problem solving (high) 5. Spontaneous vs Guarded: open, direct, trusting (low) or circumspect, non-committal and defensive (high) Items are rated on a three-point rating scale - ‘True’, ‘In between’ and ‘Untrue’, which are assigned values from 1 – 3. Scores are multiplied by the item weighting and summed together to give the overall factor scores. Raw scores are translated into sten scores for feedback purposes. There are no reverse-scored items. The questionnaire has been designed for use by an international working population. Gender differences are observed and as a result gender-specific norms are provided. The questionnaire is available in 19 different languages, and has been designed for selection or development purposes. The questionnaire is available in computerised form only. One computer-generated report is available.

Authors: Dr Adrian Atkinson and Dr Christine Jones

Test Publisher: Human Factors International

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