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Note: This test review was published by BPS on 8th August 2011

Description of the Test:

PeopleClues® is a short, general purpose, occupational assessment tool. Administration, scoring and reporting are entirely computer-based. It consists of two parts. The first is a 70 item self assessment personality inventory which provides scores on seven scales. The first five of these scales provide measures of the Big Five personality factors although they are given slightly different labels, namely: Conscientious; Likeable (revised to Tough-Minded); Unconventional (revised to Conventional); Extroverted; Stable which match the acronym in the test’s title. The other scales are labelled Team Work, which gives a measure of attitudes towards working in teams, and Good Impression, which gives a measure of the tendency to try to “tell us what we want to hear” and may involve exaggeration, disguise or both. If evidence of random responding is detected this is also indicated to the user. The second part, the Cognitive Ability Test, gives a measure of general mental ability. It comprises 30 deductive reasoning, multiple choice, items of three types: verbal (involving identification of antonyms and synonyms); numerical (arithmetic reasoning); spatial (series reasoning). These items are combined in one scale. PeopleClues® can be used for several purposes and can produce a number of different types of report. However, its main use is for screening during recruitment and its design and normative data are focused on this use. Reports include Summary (a short report giving normative data on each scale, bulleted interpretations for each scale score and overall job fit), Behavioural Interview Question (a set of behavioural questions are generated based on the scale scores) and Short types (competency based results plus an overall fit description) which are intended for use in selection and screening and Full and Graph types for staff development use. The selection and screening reports include a fit index (%fit) which shows the match achieved with an ideal profile on one of 84 job categories selected from a list by the user. There are also three basic report categories: JobClues (selection for a job); DevelopmentClues (coaching reports for current employees); MyJobClues (reports intended for job seekers). There is another report available to users, Candid Clues, which assesses some attitudinal dimension which seems to be based on a different question set and so is not reviewed here. A key feature of the PeopleClues® assessment system is the suite of benchmark jobs (over 150) against which assessed candidates are profiled as to their ‘goodness of fit’. Customised benchmarking is available. PeopleClues® has a wide cross-cultural application with norm groups drawn from USA. UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and China. There is also a Spanish-language version. Full documentation and training is offered to users and clients with clear listings of additional services and costs.

Authors: Leonard D Goodstein & Richard I Lanyon

Test Publisher: Personal Consultancy Solutions Ltd.

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