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Note: This test review was published by BPS in 2003

Description of the Test

The MP is a considerably revised version of the Morrisby Differential Test Battery (see MDTB review, 1989). It consists of six ability tests, four personality measures and two manual dexterity measures. The six ability tests include: the Compound Series Test (CST); three General Ability Tests (GAT) (Verbal, Numerical and Perceptual) (the last two reviewed separately in this book); the Shapes Test and the Mechanical Ability Test. The four 'personality' measures are derived from four speed tests (which produce what is called the 'modal' profile). Two other speed tests are used to produce the 'dexterity' profile. The ability tests may be used separately and the whole battery may be used either in its entirety as a selection and development measure or linked with an interest inventory and a computerised report to form the Morrisby Vocational Guidance Service (VGS). Although scores on the ability measures can be related to the general population through norms, vocational interpretations are based more strongly on the pattern of aptitudes shown.

Authors: J. R. Morrisby 

Test Publisher: The Morrisby Organization

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