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Note: This test review was published by BPS in 2013

Description of the Test

The me2 general factor of creativity is an online, self report questionnaire designed to assess a person’s preferred style of thinking, feeling and behaving in relation to creativity. Creativity is defined by the publishers as ‘the capacity within individuals to develop ideas for the purpose of solving problems and exploring opportunities’. Me2 is one of a range of narrow-band psychometric measures designed to assess specific capabilities of particular relevance to businesses and organisations. The model of creativity used by me2 is based on an extensive review of research. There are 12 primary scales which are divided into four dimensions: idea generation, personality; motivation and confidence. The scales are labelled as follows: Idea generation (Fluency, Originality, Incubation, Illumination); Personality (Curiosity, Tolerance to Ambiguity); Motivation (Intrinsic, Competitive, Achievement) and Confidence (Producing, Sharing, Implementing). A score is also provided for a general factor of creativity which is based on a weighted combination of 10 of the 12 scale scores. A 0 - 10 measurement scale is used which provides a normative comparison with a sample of 2351 adults with professional and managerial roles, a significant proportion of whom did not have English as their first language. Of these 2351, 59% had a postgraduate qualification and 96% had a higher education qualification. The computer generated reports include a summary page displaying the profile and a more detailed report describing each scale score. Possible strengths and weaknesses are indicated and questions asked that can prompt the person to consider strategies for developing that area. Analysis using this sample suggests that performance is fair across both ethnic and gender groups. Certified users have access to an extensive support manual which provides information on how to use me2, an overview of the model, advice on the interpretation of me2 factors and the feedback process. It includes a toolkit of exercises designed to be used with individuals or groups to develop aspects of creativity. Guidance is provided about the feedback process for individual, leadership, group and team development. The main focus of the me2 12 factor model is to provide structure for development activities based upon the self assessed profile of creativity. Information about the 8 Factor ‘See, Think and Do’ Model which would appear to be used in selection and team building was not made available for the review.

Authors: E-metrixx

Test Publisher: E-metrixx Ltd.

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